Do you want to enhance your natural beauty? Have you ever thought about Botox & Filler treatments?

We have an opportunity for those in Las Vegas or who can be in Las Vegas on our given class dates to receive FREE* Botox and Filler Treatments from top quality injectors. This is a learning environment so timeslot scheduling and commitment on both days is required. FAQs are below!

Location: Las Vegas, NV


June 6th & 7th

The June event is all full.  Registered models can add their name to the Wait List.

November TBD

Time slots will open at a later date. Registered models will be notified by email when available timeslots open.

Check back later for more 2024…..

All treatments are supervised by Master Injectors for training purposes.

*One-time $125 registration fee then attend as many Basic events as you are able!



Do I need to attend both class days?

Yes. The first day is exclusively for Botox injections, while Day 2 is for dermal filler. All models must attend both days. The benefit of this is that a combination of Botox and filler works together to give the best correction!

Do I need an appointment to participate?

Yes, absolutely.  Models will receive an appointment window which may span 3 hours.  We rely on models keeping their appointments and arrivings on time.  Drop-ins are never accepted.

Who performs the treatments?

All treatments are performed by registered medical professionals under the supervision of Master Aesthetic Injectors.

What areas are treated?

The areas treated depend on which class you’re attending. 

There are three main classes and the associated areas of the face that will be emphasized. 

How long does the treatment take?

This is a training program for medical professionals and as such, treatments might take longer than they would otherwise.

Although your treatment should only take about 30 minutes, do plan to spend up to 2 hours with us to accommodate scheduling needs.

Can I attend more than one class?

Yes, we encourage our models to attend more than one class. Each class focuses on and treats different areas of the face so our models are able to attend different classes back to back.  However, the areas of the face that are treated can only be treated once every 4 months to 1 year (depending on the procedure). Consequently, we ask models not to repeat the same class for that amount of time or until the procedure effects have worn off.

Why is there a fee?

We ask a one-time fee from all models registering for their first class. This is done to ensure commitment and seriousness about attending the class on the scheduled date and time. Attending future classes will be free of charge.

What products will be used?

All leading and top products are used on our models such as Botox, Jeaveau, Versa, Restylane, Juvaderm, Scultpra, and more.

What amount of Botox & filler injections will be used?

When being treated as a model each injection spot is limited to 1 syringe of filler and/or 50 units of Botox.

Can I buy more Botox and filler?

Yes, you may purchase more Botox and/or filler to supplement your treatment priced at discounted prices. This, however, is limited to product availability and class scheduling. We will work out more details via a conversation with you.

Is there any downtime?

No, you can return to your normal daily ativities right after you leave the class. Minimal bruising and swelling may occur.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

If you are not satisfied with the results of your treatment, please contact us with to your concerns and we will address them accordingly. Not all treatments and results are guaranteed, but we do want everyone to enjoy the experience and leave fulfilled!

Can I bring a friend to my treatment?

Although you may bring a friend to your treatment, they will not be permited inside the treatment room.

Better yet, have your friend sign up to be a model!

What if I can't make my treatment time?

You can use the cancel/reschedule link you were sent on SignUp to change your treatment times.  However, we rely on our models to be available for treatment according to a well-planned schedule.  Cancellations within 48 hours of treatment create a hardship on running our classes and may influence whether you are eligible to continue with the program.

No shows cancel a model’s registration for the entire program with no refunds! Please commit to your treatment time intentionally!